We reported earlier this week on gas prices still being high, and they're continuing to trend in that direction.

Just in the past day, gas prices in Reno rose by nine cents.

The Nevada average gas price is currently at $5.19 with Reno being at $5.26.

In comparison, the national average is only at $3.83.

Experts tell us people can still expect them to rise over the next week or two.

In fact, the last time we spoke with the Nevada Petroleum Marketers Association, they said the prices were going to peak... but they're still continuing to rise.

"First an apology to your viewers because I was wrong a couple of weeks ago," said Peter Krueger, State Executive for the Nevada Petroleum Marketers Association.

For reasons why gas continues to tick upwards, Gas Buddy says refinery issues are one of the causes why prices, particularly on the west coasts, are high.

"Two refineries are undergoing routine maintenance which happens in the fall," said Patrick De Haan, Head of Petroleum Analysis for Gas Buddy. "That's something that won't be done until mid to late October. But we've still been dealing with two other refineries that have been experiencing unexpected outages. That does take time, this is not a light switch approach where these refineries can just spring online."

According to Krueger, production in San Francisco is down 15%, which is where our area gets most of its fuel.

The reasoning is because they are turning over the summertime fuel into the wintertime fuel.

This leaves less gas for them to distribute out.

"We just don't have the supply, so when supply comes tighter like with any situation with supply and demand, price goes up," Krueger said.

Some people say they are not only over the prices, but the quality of the gas.

"It's bad," said Don Davis, Sun Valley resident. "I don't see the reasoning for it and not happy of the life of the fuel for what it's costing us."

For some on vacation here, they noticed the price jumped in just a couple of days.

"The prices went up very fast," said Carmen Garcia, out of town visitor. "I don't know two days ago it was five something, it was very high, but not like that." 

The projections are currently for mid-October for prices to start going down.

How much? They don't know.

Things could also change depending on the refineries and the turnover of the fuel.