Reno Police seal on car

Two women who were former law enforcement officers have filed a civil suit against the City of Reno, the Reno Police Department and former Chief Jason Soto.

In the suit that was filed earlier this month, Apryl McElroy and Jessica Troup allege that Reno Police Sergeant Paul Sifre repeatedly made demeaning comments that made them uncomfortable during the Regional Narcotics Unit Conference in Las Vegas in September 2021.

The suit alleges when Troup, who worked for the sheriff's Office, reported the incident to her direct Sergeant, Sifre was removed from the Narcotics Unit, and an internal affairs investigation found he had sexually harrassed them and created a hostile work environment.

The lawsuit argues more preventative measures could have been done.

It also claims that City and police department leaders purposefully delayed their investigation so the sergeant could receive a benefits increase and medical disability retirement.

We have reached out to the City for comment on the lawsuit but have not heard back yet.